The E-Cigarette

The e-cigarette an invention from a Chinese pharmacist a few years ago, although started with a small following in it’s original country of origin, has in the past few years become a world wide hit as people learn about the e cigarette and how it can potentially be used to replace smoking real cigarettes. While the e cigarette is a fantastic electronics device, It does not come without controversy and some apprehension from government and corporate people in various countries.

In the USA the FDA tried for almost 2 years to ban the sale of the e cigarette trying to say it should be considered a medical device and citing issues with quality control of e-liquid and other such things as reasons it should be banned.

Eventually the FDA ban on the e cigarette was over ruled in supreme court several times, and the e cigarette is fully legal for now in the usa to be sold with nicotine e-liquid. Here in USA, Health USA issued a statement that vendors can not market import or sell the e cigarette if it contains nicotine, citing that nicotine is a controlled substance only available by prescription from a doctor. They also explained that e-cigarette hardware is considered a medical device (type 2 or 3) if it contains nicotine, and thus needs to have market approval from Health USA. If the e cigarette contains no nicotine in the e cigarette e-liquid than it does not fall under the ruling.

At least for now the e cigarette without nicotine is legal to sell as long as nicotine free e-liquid is sold with it. For a note, it is NOT illegal to USE the e cigarette in USA with nicotine in the juice, just to sell them that way, so there is no reason why people can not support a e-cigarette vendor and buy the hardware locally from in USA and then use other means to source e-liquid containing nicotine (it’s not that hard if you know how to use a search engine).

The e cigarette has had a mixed up hill battle as well in other countries, but recently New Zealand’s health authority actually announced it RECOMMENDS the e cigarette as a safer alternative to smoking. That is a great step forward. In their report that say they find the e cigarette to be much safer.