Quitting Smoking

Common withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking are an important aspect to understand when you first switch to vaping. The last thing we want is to experience standard symptoms that come from no longer inhaling the tar and tobacco of smoking and believe that they are perhaps a side effect of vaping. Vaping can be a wonderful tool to assist in putting down those 4,000+ chemical sticks for good. however if common quitting symptoms are taken as a reaction to vaping, then you may lose out on a product that could potentially change you life. Now it’s important to note that I’m not talking about nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The beauty of vaping is the ability to avoid nicotine withdrawal while still avoiding inhaling the carcinogens and tar associated with burning tobacco.

The symptoms we’re going to be talking about are those the body goes through when purging itself of all the crap that built up over the time you were smoking.

The symptoms you will experience vary from one person to another when it comes to quitting smoking. There are several symptoms that will be universal, but the severity of these symptoms will change based on your overall health, how long you smoked, and other factors. These symptoms can occur as early as 4 hours after your last cigarette, and most disappear within 2 weeks. So, let’s take a look at what these common symptoms are:

  1. Tingling in the Hands and Feet – Few people realize that smoking can negatively impact the circulation within your body. As your system clears out the nasty that has built up, your circulation will improve, creating a tingling feeling in your limbs.
  2. Sweating – This is one of the amazing ways the body purges itself of toxins.
  3. Intestinal Disorders (Cramps/Nausea) – Believe it or not, smoking is actually a diuretic. Which means it prompts the body to purge itself of waste. There will be a bit of adjustment for your body to get used to no longer having this assistance in the purge.
  4. Headache – This is a symptom of nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine, much like caffeine is a stimulant that your body is accustomed to receiving. Thankfully, if you’re vaping, this is one symptom you can avoid experiencing.
  5. Cold Symptoms – This is the most common physical experience, and one most often blamed on vaping. When you quit smoking you will start coughing up all the yuck that has accumulated in your lungs. There will be a sore throat and other cold like symptoms that are truly unavoidable as your body rids itself of the remnants of the tar and carcinogens associated with smoking.

Don’t lose hope, there is good news for those of you that have chosen vaping to assist in your ability to put down the combustible carcinogens for good. One of the reasons vaping has been so successful in helping people kick the habit is that it negates several other symptoms commonly associated with quitting. The ability to maintain the hand to mouth action helps alleviate some of the psychological side effects of quitting smoking. You still get that nicotine kick that alleviates headaches and helps you avoid the negative weight gain commonly associated with quitting smoking. The biggest symptom of quitting smoking that is attributed to vaping are the cold like symptoms. Your body is designed to purge anything it deems as waste. When you smoke, you coat your lungs with the carcinogens and chemicals that are a part of the inhalation of combustion of tar. When you stop inhaling the tar and combustion, your body will start to purge all the yuck that has built up in your lungs. Unfortunately, this means feeling nasty and coughing up all kinds of crap. That is an unavoidable part of the quitting process, even when you are using vaping as a tool. On the plus side, as your body clears things out, you will begin to breathe better, taste more, and smell things you never noticed before. Keep in mind that this will only last a couple weeks if you remain steadfast and don’t smoke. Smoking occasionally will do nothing more than extend the time that you will experience these symptoms.

Now, there is one negative aspect of quitting smoking that can be intensified by vaping. That aspect is the sore throat. Smoking actually causes your body to create more moisture in the throat while vaping actually dries out your throat. This can cause a soreness that can be alleviated by drinking plenty of fluids. Also, remember that this will go away in a couple of weeks when your body has acclimated to not smoking. While this is a pain to go through, remember you’re going to experience these symptoms and more when quitting smoking without the assistance of vaping.

The key is to understand what to expect from our bodies after we stop pumping them full of carcinogens, and understand that these would be present regardless of what nicotine replacement therapy option we choose. The major bonus to vaping is the hand to mouth action that we crave psychologically. The act of smoking is just as addictive as the nicotine itself, which means that by switching to vaping, you can get everything your body is craving without the dangerous carcinogens associated with smoking. Still not sure about vaping as an alternative to smoking? Search the web for success stories and maybe that will convince you. I myself am a success story, after trying the pills, patches, gum and more I was finally able to put the pack down for good, and gladly reach for a battery instead. So, what’s stopping you?