Quitting Smoking

Common withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking are an important aspect to understand when you first switch to vaping. The last thing we want is to experience standard symptoms that come from no longer inhaling the tar and tobacco of smoking and believe that they are perhaps a side effect of vaping. Vaping can be a wonderful tool to assist in putting down those 4,000+ chemical sticks for good. however if common quitting symptoms are taken as a reaction to vaping, then you may lose out on a product that could potentially change you life. Now it’s important to note that I’m not talking about nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The beauty of vaping is the ability to avoid nicotine withdrawal while still avoiding inhaling the carcinogens and tar associated with burning tobacco.

The symptoms we’re going to be talking about are those the body goes through when purging itself of all the crap that built up over the time you were smoking.

The symptoms you will experience vary from one person to another when it …

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